Board Instructions or Rules and Regulation for Exam Centre and Paper Solving

Instructions / Rules and Regulation Board Exam centre and Papers for Candidates / Students

Before taking any board exam, you should get information about the rules and regulations related to that board exam and paper or read the rules and regulations thoroughly. Most of the students do not know about the rules and regulations, nor do the students want to know about the rules and regulations. Due to this, the students face trouble later, and the marks in their papers also come down. Most of the boards like Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Balochistan, Federal etc. have the same rules and regulations related to examinations and papers.

Rules and Regulation for Board Examination Centre and Papers Solving

The rules and regulations related to examinations and papers solving are as follows.Board Instructions or Rules and Regulation for Exam Centre and Paper Solving

  1. You have to arrive at the examination centre 45 minutes before the first paper and 30 minutes before the rest of the papers.
  2. Smoking is prohibited in the examination room. Also, disciplinary action will be taken against the candidate who commits blasphemous (irreligious) and indecent acts under the law.
  3. It is forbidden to bring duplicate materials to the examination center. It is also strictly forbidden to carry a mobile phone or any communication device or weapon.
  4. Write the roll number in the space provided on the answer sheet. Writing elsewhere is prohibited. Also, immediately after receiving the question paper, write the roll number in the right corner.
  5. Write the same question number in the answer sheet which is given in the question paper, and the answer to the question and its parts should be written in one place.
  6. Write the answer on both sides of each page of the answer copy in such a way that no line is left blank.
  7. After completing the answers, write the words “finished” on the original or supplementary answer sheets and draw a line in the blank pages. It is a crime to tear the page of a reply copy.
  8. However, the candidate will not be allowed to leave the room for one hour and in the last fifteen minutes after the distribution of the question paper. If the candidate wants to leave the examination room one hour before the end of the paper, then he/she has to submit the answer sheet along with the question paper.
  9. The use of standard and scientific calculators will be allowed in the examination room, while the use of computerized calculators will be prohibited.
  10. Candidates should bring all the necessary items like pen, pencil, scale, geometry box, calculator etc. while exchanging these items with each other will not be allowed.
  11. Students are expected not to write any obscene words on the answer sheet nor to make any request or appeal to the examiner, otherwise disciplinary action will be taken under the prevailing rules.
  12. Candidates are informed that there is no legal status for anyone to be dropped an exam paper.
  13. Students should solve the questions according to the required number of questions on the question paper and avoid solving too many questions; otherwise, the student’s result may be affected.
  14. Students should take special care not to solve the same question again. If it is unavoidable to do so, cut off the first solved question, otherwise, the first solved question numbers will be given.
  15. Candidates can only margin one side of each page of the answer sheet. Margins on both sides are prohibited.
  16. While solving the question, use only the blue or black ballpoint pen. If using a fountain pen, only black ink should be used.
  17. Candidates should inform the Board before the commencement of the examination as soon as they get the roll number slip in case of any mistake in their concept, subjects and identification mark and get the required correction.
  18. Candidates who want to take Marks Improvement exam in one or two subjects in SSC-Part-I. They will not be eligible to be included in the list of position holders in SSC Part-II annual examination.
  19. In no case is a candidate allowed to appear for the examination from any centre other than the allotted one. If he does so, proceedings in accordance with the Board rules will be implemented. It will also be the responsibility of the candidate to find his/her correct examination centre and to sit in the seat allotted in the examination room.
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