National Savings UnionPay Debit Card Information Advantages and Schedule Charges

National Savings Unionpay Debit Card (Classic)

      The National Savings Centre has nearly 40 lacs of customers in Pakistan and most of them are retired people, pensioners, old-aged senior citizens, widows and disabled person who have invested their saved money in The National Saving Centre to earn a reasonable profit.

      These people consider The National Savings Centre as secure and reliable for their investment because it is Government Institution.

Information About National Saving UnionPay Debit Card

      Good news for the customers of National Savings. National Savings introduce Unionpay Debit Card / ATM (only and only one category) for the convenience of retired people, pensioners, old-aged senior citizens, widows and disabled persons to collect monthly profit. Due to Debit Card no need to visit National Savings Centre to collect monthly profit.

National Savings UnionPay Debit Card Information Advantages and Schedule Charges

         All the National Saving Account and Saving Certificates holders can apply for ATM/Debit card. Before apply for ATM/Debit card, they need to open a regular saving account if they do not have saving account.

List of saving certificates and saving accounts;

Saving Certificates

      • Defence Savings Certificates
      • Behbood Savings Certificates
      • Regular Income Certificates
      • Special Savings Certificates
      • Short Term Savings Certificates

Saving Accounts

      • Savings Account
      • Pensioners Benefit Account
      • Special Savings Account
      • Shuhadas Family Welfare Account

Features / Advantages / Benefits of National Savings Debit Card 

  • Nationwide acceptable
  • Funds Transfer (Fund transfer to their National Saving Accounts
  • Online Payments (Utility Bill payments on 1-Link ATMs, and can do online shopping on various online shopping stores like
  • Shopping Convenience (Point of Sale purchases and shopping on retail stores)
  • Works on Any ATM (ATM cash withdrawals on 1-Link. The ATM/ Debit card will be linked with the saving certificate and saving account from where customers can withdraw their monthly profits).

Daily Cash Limits National Savings Debit Card

The daily limits for National Saving Debit card are as under

  • Daily cash Withdrawal limit on 1-Link ATM          Rs. 25,000
  • Daily Point of Sale Purchasing/Shopping                Rs. 100,000
  • Daily Online Shopping Limit                                      Rs. 100,000

Schedule of Charges / Fee

(Inclusive of FED/Sales Tax)

Effective From

July 01, 2022

Union PAY Chip Debit Card (Basic) Charges / Fee

  • Issuance Fee Union Pay Chip Debit Card Basic)         Free
  • Annual Service Fee Classic                                               Free
  • Replacement of Card                                                         Free

ATM Services

Cash Withdrawal Fee / Cash Withdrawal Schedule Charges
  • Within Pakistan              Rs. 23.44/- per transaction
  • International                   Rs. 300/- or 3% of transaction (Whichever is higher)
Balance Inquiry Fee / Charges
  • Within Pakistan                            Rs. 3.13/- per transaction and   Rs. 2.5/- additional for printed receipt
  • International                                 Rs. 150/- per transaction
Point Of Sale (POS) Transactions Fee / Charges 
  • POS Local (Within Pakistan)           Free
  • POS International                              Rs. 300/- or 3% of  transaction (Whichever is higher)

National Savings Unionpay debit card application Form

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